Secrets of an Heiress – Book One

After the death of her parents, Lady Celia Kenworth finds herself at the mercy of her monstrous cousin. When his plans to ruin her are thwarted, she dons a disguise as Molly Striker, a nursemaid to the Earl of Blakely’s sisters. Attempting to be unseen, she strives to stay in the background. However, when her youngest charge falls into a pond, Celia risks everything to save her—and exposes her identity in the process. Now her path is unclear; she can remain with the family and the man she has come to love, or run and try to keep them safe from her cousin’s wrath.

Adam Parker, the Earl of Blakely, is shocked when a young woman shows up at his door asking for work. Stretched thin with his responsibilities, he takes a chance and hires her to care for his young sisters. Convinced he recognizes her from his past, he grows suspicious of her story but is unable to find the connection. Drawn to her beauty and intellect, his heart drifts toward her with each passing day. When her true identity is revealed, Adam must decide if it’s worth the risk to give his heart to the woman he loves or if the deception was too much for him to forgive. As Celia’s cousin draws closer to her secrets, she and Adam must find common ground, or they could lose each other forever. 


In Secrets of an Heiress, Celia sings a lullaby to her two small charges. I struggled to find a song that fit, so I wrote my own. Once it was finally complete, I asked a dear friend to write an accompaniment to the piece and she did a fantastic job. There are a couple of mistakes, so ignore them if you can😂 #regencyromance #lullaby #writersoftiktok #writer #author #cleanromancebooks #romance #romancebooks

♬ original sound – Author-AliciaRivoli