A Rose Worth Saving

Lady Olivia Barton would rather be riding horses than dancing in a London ballroom, participating in the outrageous marriage-mart. However, when Lord William Hanley comes to afternoon tea, her priorities change. But when a known rake demands Olivia marry him, she is forced from London and all the Season promises to hide at her family’s estate. The journey home turns tragic when her beloved father is shot. The powerful feelings of grief throw her into the depths of despair. Will Olivia be able to fight against the darkness threatening to overwhelm her, or will she accept help from William, the man she once imagined would be her future?

Lord William Hanley, the future Earl of Pembrooke, is happy with his life—at least until he’s taken off guard by the charming wit and beauty of his friend’s sister, turning everything upside down. From musicales to ballrooms, William finds himself always beside her, capturing his complete attention. Lady Olivia is threatened by a notorious London rake, requiring William’s assistance to escape London and the man’s unwanted advances. When news arrives of a deadly attack on Olivia’s family, he races to be with her, only to find a completely different woman than the one his heart has come to desire. Will William be able to find a way to rescue her again, or will she close off her heart to him forever?