An Unwanted Arrangement

Lord Matthew Cartwright wishes to remain hidden in the country. However, with two younger sisters in need of a woman’s influence, he makes the trek to London to secure a bride. When whispers of his past begin to circulate, he quickly realizes his plan might be impossible. Intrigued by a woman who dismisses the rumors outright, Matthew begins getting to know the young lady, realizing this could be his only chance to secure his sisters’ futures. But when Matthew is forced into a compromising situation, he knows he has no other choice⸺ he must marry the wrong woman.

Miss Angela Mayberry would do anything to be rid of her high-handed brother. He insists she marry a less-than-desirable gentleman. Knowing she must do everything she can to avoid the connection, she befriends a woman who has no qualms about putting her brother in his place. When he tries to force her from the ballroom and into the hands of a rogue, an unfamiliar gentleman steps in to assist her. Furious, her brother takes matters into his own hands and Angela soon finds herself facing the complications and heartache of an arranged marriage to a complete stranger.