Connected by Hope – Book Three

Issac Grayson, the 3rd Duke of Blackwell, hates everything about the London Season. Glaring out at the crowded ballroom, wishing for nothing more than to return to his estate, he is overcome by a pair of bright blue eyes and shimmering curls. Unable to control himself, he falls instantly in love and begins courting the lovely young woman. When Issac is called away on business and returns to find she has taken ill, he will do everything in his power to help her recover. But when the secrets of her past are revealed, Issac realizes her illness is more dangerous than anyone realized.

Miss Abagail Talbot knows two things for certain; One, love at first sight only happens in fairytales, and two, no one can know of her debilitating nightmares that cause an unexplainable illness. Determined to make the most out of her time in London, she is shocked when she finds her first rule broken by a handsome duke. As their relationship grows, so do her nightmares, and Abby realizes she can no longer keep her secret from the man she loves. Settled on her decision, she is caught off guard by the arrival of a mysterious letter that upends her entire life and sends her on a journey she never expected.