Regency Romance

Lady Olivia Barton would rather be riding horses than dancing in a London ballroom, participating in the outrageous marriage-mart. However, when Lord William Hanley comes to afternoon tea, her priorities change. But when a known rake demands Olivia marry him, she is forced from London and all the Season promises to hide at her family’s estate. The journey home turns tragic when her beloved father is shot. The powerful feelings of grief throw her into the depths of despair. Will Olivia be able to fight against the darkness threatening to overwhelm her, or will she accept help from William, the man she once imagined would be her future?
Lord William Hanley, the future Earl of Pembrooke, is happy with his life—at least until he’s taken off guard by the charming wit and beauty of his friend’s sister, turning everything upside down. From musicales to ballrooms, William finds himself always beside her, capturing his complete attention. Lady Olivia is threatened by a notorious London rake, requiring William’s assistance to escape London and the man’s unwanted advances. When news arrives of a deadly attack on Olivia’s family, he races to be with her, only to find a completely different woman than the one his heart has come to desire. Will William be able to find a way to rescue her again, or will she close off her heart to him forever?

A Rose Worth Saving

Bound by Love Series

Secrets of an Heiress - Book 1

After the death of her parents, Lady Celia Kenworth finds herself at the mercy of her monstrous cousin. When his plans to ruin her are thwarted, she dons a disguise as Molly Striker, a nursemaid to the Earl of Blakely’s sisters. Attempting to be unseen, she strives to stay in the background. However, when her youngest charge falls into a pond, Celia risks everything to save her—and exposes her identity in the process. Now her path is unclear; she can remain with the family and the man she has come to love, or run and try to keep them safe from her cousin’s wrath.

Adam Parker, the Earl of Blakely, is shocked when a young woman shows up at his door asking for work. Stretched thin with his responsibilities, he takes a chance and hires her to care for his young sisters. Convinced he recognizes her from his past, he grows suspicious of her story but is unable to find the connection. Drawn to her beauty and intellect, his heart drifts toward her with each passing day. When her true identity is revealed, Adam must decide if it’s worth the risk to give his heart to the woman he loves or if the deception was too much for him to forgive. As Celia’s cousin draws closer to her secrets, she and Adam must find common ground, or they could lose each other forever.

The Heart of Juliette - Book 2

Miss Juliette Convington has spent the majority of her life hiding from the world. Cursed at the age of ten with a mysterious skin condition, Juliette is ostracized by society, and despised by her mother. When a mysterious stranger presents her with an escape, she quickly learns it’s not only her heart that is in danger. If her mother discovers her plan, Juliette’s entire future could be in jeopardy.

Lord Samuel Parkington has spent years working as a spy for the crown. Now retired, he is struggling to find his place in the world. Hiding from a future he doesn’t want, he seeks refuge in Hyde Park, only to collide with a young lady who instantly captivates him. Soon Sam is thrust into a scandal that could destroy not only the young lady being threatened, but his heart as well.

Connected by Hope - Book 3

An Unwanted Arrangement

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Issac Grayson, the 3rd Duke of Blackwell, hates everything about the London Season. Glaring out at the crowded ballroom, wishing for nothing more than to return to his estate, he is overcome by a pair of bright blue eyes and shimmering curls. Unable to control himself, he falls instantly in love and begins courting the lovely young woman. When Issac is called away on business and returns to find she has taken ill, he will do everything in his power to help her recover. But when the secrets of her past are revealed, Issac realizes her illness is more dangerous than anyone realized.

Miss Abagail Talbot knows two things for certain; One, love at first sight only happens in fairytales, and two, no one can know of her debilitating nightmares that cause an unexplainable illness. Determined to make the most out of her time in London, she is shocked when she finds her first rule broken by a handsome duke. As their relationship grows, so do her nightmares, and Abby realizes she can no longer keep her secret from the man she loves. Settled on her decision, she is caught off guard by the arrival of a mysterious letter that upends her entire life and sends her on a journey she never expected.

Lord Matthew Cartwright wishes to remain hidden in the country. However, with two younger sisters in need of a woman’s influence, he makes the trek to London to secure a bride. When whispers of his past begin to circulate, he quickly realizes his plan might be impossible. Intrigued by a woman who dismisses the rumors outright, Matthew begins getting to know the young lady, realizing this could be his only chance to secure his sisters' futures. But when Matthew is forced into a compromising situation, he knows he has no other choice⸺ he must marry the wrong woman.

Miss Angela Mayberry would do anything to be rid of her high-handed brother. He insists she marry a less-than-desirable gentleman. Knowing she must do everything she can to avoid the connection, she befriends a woman who has no qualms about putting her brother in his place. When he tries to force her from the ballroom and into the hands of a rogue, an unfamiliar gentleman steps in to assist her. Furious, her brother takes matters into his own hands and Angela soon finds herself facing the complications and heartache of an arranged marriage to a complete stranger.